Jan 04 2010

Roses and Thorns

admin @ 9:10 am

CPRW honors the accomplishments and tribulations of its members via the Roses and Thorns program.

Roses & Thorns criteria

Signing with an agent
1st Full length sale (or first sale after 2 years without sale)

Contest Win
1st short fiction sale
Sale to a new publisher

Full request
Contest final
Subsequent sales – all (full length and short fiction)

Finishing 1st manuscript

Note: The * is to mark different prize categories.

Members can only receive one rose per month.
In the case of multiple roses for any given month, you would get a rose for the highest eligible category. (i.e. A full request and a contest win would earn the prize for the contest win category)

Thorns: (one per month)
Evil review

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